The Human Link v​.​2

by Chad Lewine

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Chad Lewine's first pop album.


released May 26, 2011

Lyrics by Chad Lewine
Produced by Anthony Krizan & Chad Lewine
Mastered by TurtleTone Studios in NYC
Tim Shay on Sax
Remix by DJ Nick Harvey



all rights reserved


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Chad Lewine Brooklyn, New York

releasing new music as HoneyChrome

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Track Name: The Story Begins
Watch you pass my way, hear me when I say
Feet don’t touch the ground, you’re shakin’ me up,
I can’t concentrate.
Let’s make this forever, the only way.
Bring you from my dreams, to reality.
Open up my heart, I let you in.
Feeling excited as the story begins.
You’re shakin’ me up I can’t concentrate.
You’re shakin’ me up I can’t concentrate.
You’re shakin’ me up I can’t concentrate!
you’re shakin’ me up I can’t concentrate.
The story begins, the story begins, no one else around us, the story begins/
the story begins, the story begins, love has come and found us, the story begins
Track Name: The Human Link
I’m everyday people, style is regal,
applyin’ pressure, makin’ the world better/
I can go deep, message is unique,
constantly on tweak, improvin’ my physique
Morally correct, unusual suspect,
I’m always direct, career is on deck/
My self-proclaimed duty, is to uncover,
the beauty of this earth, that I have discovered
Spreading cheerful rhymes, utilizing time, turnin’ pennies into dimes, expanding my designs/
I am the human link, I speak what I think
I control my own destiny, no one is ahead of me.
Zip and compress the folder of my life, the short end of the stick, the sharp edge of the knife/
The dullest in the box, reddest of the stocks,
I’m stubborn as an ox, I don’t believe in lucky socks
I don’t believe in luck, I don’t believe in fate,
I don’t believe in miracles, miracle my cereal.
Frost my flakes, pique my taste,
amaze me with haste, after me you chase.
I’m inventing a genre, you can’t fit me in.
I am the definition of a boy without a twin/
Nobody like me, nobody like me,
nobody capable of writing songs the way I see.
The way I see the world, the oyster or the pearl,
I believe in Karma like hi my name is earl/
My mind is maintaining, my words are baiting
hooking you on me, music is addiction free/
Outlasting time itself is a goal I’ve made for I,
am leading with a purpose with no need for stealth.
I’d rather be pinged on a radar machine, than quietly avoided like an awkward morning scene/
I’m not a preacher, you can call me a teacher,
well I just got my degree, so I’m sorta just me/
Now go and be like you, relish everything you do,
and if it doesn’t feel good, I’ve given you a clue/
Track Name: End Game
coming soon
Track Name: Michael
I once knew a boy, twenty yExplainears old
Living life on his own, doing nothing he was told
Hit the gym everyday, future was on the way
No one saw it coming, he got tired of running
Running from something, no one can define
The only answer to the puzzle is locked up in his mind
A mind misunderstood, holding it all in
At a party Friday night, next morning caught in sin

[Hook: Chad Lewine]
Experience a moment of silence
Experience violence through parents now childless
We've heard stories that will remain timeless
We can't be relying on death to remind us
We think our lives sometimes to roughly
Well this boy's life ended abruptly
Grinding my teeth, standing in my sleep
Hope your dream's complete and you're resting in peace

[Verse 2: Chad Lewine]
What causes us to take our lives, whose choice is it to make?
Just one life is all it takes, exposing what's a stake
The stake between the heart, the living man will now depart
So lonely on his own, his final stitch is sewn
Oh, brother of this Earth, please know that you are worth
More than these words can say, more than secrets more than pain
Michael, where'd the pain come from? Tell me what have we done?
Some may say you lost the race, but we all know you've won!

[Hook: Chad Lewine & (Anthony Krizan)]
(I can't believe he took his life) Experience violence through parents now childless
(Whose choice was it to make?) We can't be relying on death to remind us
(Just one life is all it takes) This boy's life ended abruptly
(Exposing what's at stake) Hope your dream's complete and you're resting in peace

[Verse 3: Chad Lewine]
Today we let a child go, today we let our crying flow
Today will mark, no not the end. He will start a new life again
Golden son/sun, this boy was one, of a kind, he can fly, his memory won't die
Friends and family come together, come together
Mourn the loss, endure the weather, endure the weather
The breeze that blew upon your face
The breeze that came and took your place
I may not be your best of friend
But I will be here to defend

[Hook: Chad Lewine & (Anthony Krizan)]
(I can't believe he took his life) We won't forget our brethern
(Whose choice was it to make?) The legend, the legacy
(Just one life is all it takes) In our hearts you will be x2
(Exposing what's at stake)
Track Name: Can't Stop Us Now
And you hear the people say, it’s a brand new day/
we cannot be stopped, we’re heading your way/
hear the people say, DJ play my song/
you know it gets better, we got all night long/
I got what you need, to reinvent yourself/
you just came to dance, I know you feel the speed
I got what you want, tell me how you plead/
you just came to dance, I know you feel my beat/
Can’t stop us now, under attack,
can’t stop us now, there’s no turning back
Into the night, heart beating fast,
can’t stop us now there’s no turning back/
Step one more time, this is release/
we can overcome, can’t stop these/
pick and choose your friends, lose your enemies/
no we don’t care let them call the police/
woop woop push it now, we know stories get around/
don’t take life too seriously, it can lead to hate and greed
Night time, freaks come out, night time, we go out, night time turn it out, night time can’t stop us now. nope/
We are unstoppable, won’t be here for long
keep up you are strong
You wanna get on the floor, we wanna see your encore/ take a chance and set the score
you’ll be chasing me for more/
look at you, look at you, will you be my number 1,
show everyone what we’ve done,
show everyone what we’ve done
Out of the night, into the light,
strength and sight begin tonight, they can’t stop us now, they can’t stop us now/
Track Name: OceanBlueLove
Can you, feel the love around you?
The future, you know it’s only you and me.
Can you, dive into the ocean?
Can you, dive into emotion?
I am feeling good (enhance me)
with you I feel better (entrance me)
I can feel your heart (beating)
hold my hand keep believing
I am feeling good (enhance me)
with you I feel better (entrance me)
I can set your heart (free)
with you is where I want to be.
My body, hits the water and I break through.
The current, has a plan to slow me down,
but I don’t, intend on drowning,
I’m just, gonna swim with you.
Can you, feel my love around you?
Our future, it’s only me and you I see.
The river, swallows and controls me,
but slowly, we become the sea.
Track Name: Catch Me
I’m not Lil’ Wayne, I’m not T-Pain
I’m sure I’m not The Game, but that’s about to change
I’m working on my brain, looking down my lane
Making my own change, doing my own thang
You’re gonna look at me and say: Chad D can’t play, he’s not gon’ stay
Just another white boy from the burbs all day
I’m looking for some pay, I’m looking for a way, a way to earn my stay
But I swear that, I don’t care, my turn to try to spit it just like I lit it
Like I’m rapping on this joint, like get to the point Chad
Working out this verse in my mind like I’m going mad
I’m running out of time, I’m running out of lime
Light light, my name on fire
Take me higher like space, I’m wanting first place
I’m setting a new pace, come on just try and chase me

Catch me if you can, (just try and chase me)
Legendary plan (trying to break free)
Building my own brand (you can’t escape me)
Race across the land, reaching for my hand
Do you understand? catch me, catch me if you can

[Verse 2]
On to verse 2, I’m serious verse 2
Only verse I ever wrote was before I met you
And that wasn’t a hit, it wasn’t legit, but now I’m legit
Legit enough to sit where ever I fit or feel like sitting
I’m working on making this thing my living
Not given a free ride just given a chance to try
Just getting by
I’m not from the hood but I didn’t have a jag on the hood
Did what I could being good doing what I should
Or maybe doing what I thought was good
But now I’m here for my cake and I’m ready to take the chance to make or break
But I’m not gonna break it, so I guess I’m gonna make it
Yes I’m gonna make it don’t you take it


[Verse 3]
So you see me coming up, not gonna get stuck
Not gonna mess up, don’t need your luck
Don’t need your trust just wipe of the dust
I’m the bad-ust white boy from a place that sees no race
White black brown, we’re just a town, holding it down
Til the king takes his crown, but I don’t see myself as king
I’m just pondering, being in the ring, fighting all these things
He’s too young, he ain’t made to perform
He ain’t doing it right, he’s not gonna survive, he living a lie
Got no talent, got no swagger, got nothing
Ain’t even got a DJ
But I don’t wanna hear all that, I just wanna rap
Even my look don’t match
I love hip hop, I’m following the map
Drawn by the vets, drawn by the best
I’ll be wearing that Burberry vest
Investing in myself is what I’m doing
Waiting on my full moon
Getting high as balloons
Coming to a radio near you soon
Track Name: Life Is A Ride
Pick me up, take me out, getting late, let’s escape.
Go to the club, it’s heating up, it’s heating up, it’s heating up.
Move my waist, gimme some space, heating up, it’s heating up.
Time to shake, time to stomp, make your body lean and rock.
Line up the boys, and the girls, you may be the best in the world.
Come closer, dance with me, touch my body gettin’ naughty.
No time to waste, gimme that groove, back to my place, yeah I’m smooth.
Rock don’t stop, pop and lock, dance all night, dance non-stop!
Life is a ride, I want you to ride with me,
maybe get high, but I’m more about the dancing…
People at the door, line around the corner, but you’re with me, so V.I.P.
Security has nothing on me, skip to the front drink up baby.
Have a drink, sip again, no hating, just dancin’.
Welcome to heat, the place to be, more boys to meet, candy sweet.
Hey there boy, what’s your name? dance with me? Step up your game.
Rock don’t stop, pop and lock, dance all night, dance non-stop.
Booty drop, pop and lock, dance all night, dance non-stop!
Life is a ride, I want you to ride with me,
maybe get high, but I’m more about the dancing.
Life is a ride, I want you to ride with me,
baby we’ll fly, but right now we’re only dancing.
Breakdown-dance in a circle now
2am, still drinkin’ still dancin’, man glancin’,
Steal a kiss, don’t miss, I’m a little tips, aim for my lips.
Swagger swaying, people playing, this beat, I am slayin’.
Boys are preying, girls are straying, lights are shining, perfect timing!
Perfect time to get outta here, still dark, limo is here.
Quick, lemme drink one more beer, now it’s time to, disappear.
Dance my ass all the way to the door, tomorrow we’re coming back for some more,
Rock don’t stop, pop and lock, dance all night, dance non-stop!